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This community exists to be a port of call for those searching for Life on Mars icons.

The idea is to get as many Life on Mars icons out there as possible, in a situation which will cause little angst (at least for the icon maker - our Pretty Armed Bastards can suffer as much as you like.)


  • Please post at least three icons. A post of just one or two icons can take up space on other people's friends lists. This does not apply to posts with other graphics. (So, if you have a friends only banner, you do not also need three icons for a post to qualify.)

  • Make sure you use the handy-dandy LJ-Cut for more than three icons (after your information) - <*lj-cut text="Life on Mars Icons!">Your Icons Go In Here<*/lj-cut> minus the asterisks.

  • You can post the icons directly into a post on the community. You can also link to the icons from your personal journal/icon journal or offsite. Please warn if you're linking to a multi-fannish icon post with a lot of graphics.

  • You can post friends-only banners, wallpapers and other graphics - but only underneath a cut.

  • You can post icons of the actors from other roles. For example; Philip Glenister in Hornblower, John Simm in Miranda. Make sure you clearly state that this is what you are doing, however.

  • You can post icons of promotional or magazine pictures.

  • It is polite to provide teaser icons. Please do not post more than three teaser icons outside of the cut.

  • Please do not make icon requests to icon makers unless they have specified that they will make icons on request.

  • Do not make a post to the community requesting an icon.

  • Please do not post off-topic information. Episode discussion belongs in lifein1973 or The Railway Arms - not here.

  • If you have any queries, feel free to contact your friendly neighbourhood Mod; lozenger8, who, when not having 'oops, answers email from lozenger8 [at] gmail dot com. Please use a descriptive subject header such as "Life on Mars Icons" so that Loz knows what it's all about.